Music Ministry

At Grace, we have an awesome blend of traditional, gospel, and contemporary music.  We use such diverse sources

as the Hymnal, Let Every Voice Sing and contemporary praise and worship music at the 10 am

service, and Gregorian Chant background music at the 8 am service.

Senior Choir

Our Sr. Choir meets every Wednesday from 7:00-8:15 pm. We lead Worship at the 10 am service every Sunday (except the 4th Sunday of the month). No experience is necessary! If you've always wanted to be a part of a choir, this is your chance. We will teach you to sing! (We take some Wednesdays off during the summer).

Junior Choir

Jr. Choir meets on Sundays from 11:45-12:15pm during the school year. Learn all of the good habits of singing, how to breathe, how to sing partner songs and beginning to do part singing (K-6th).

Youth Band

The 4th Sunday of each month, we change it up in worship and do more contemporary music that may be heard on the Christian radio stations. We work with youth and adults on developing their talents to play in church. We believe that the young people are our future and want them to help make Grace their own place of worship. We rehearse most Sundays at noon during the summer.

Contemporary Band

Our newest venture!  We have a passionate group of adults determined to develop a fully contemporary service for parishioners who are inspired by praise and worship music.