Whole Family Ministries

What in the WORLD is Whole Family Ministry? Well, we believe that too many families are pulled apart and over programmed. Why is it that the church is not trying to pull families together? We try to pull families together. How do we do this?  

One of the foremost ways that we do this is to try to crossover and combine our worship once a month, each 4th Sunday of the month. We combine liturgy with contemporary music to provide a once a month worship experience that speaks to multiple generations.  

We are beginning to provide financial peace by offering a multi-generational growth opportunity through Dave Ramsey's studies that changes the family and teaches how to manage finances. This is one of the major places lacking in the U.S. today.

We periodically offer a small group, parenting class, called, "Love Dare for Parents" that teaches parents how to reconnect with their kids.

We provide small group discipleship for our youth during the school year that teaches them to go deeper through Youth Group on Saturdays. It equips them with tools to go out into the real world and deal with youth issues that confront them.

We offer missions opportunities to reach out and change the lives of others as a whole family. We are periodically serving at Faith Cafe to feed the homeless, collecting things for missions and doing Service Scavenger Hunts.

Come be a part of us as we work to grow this!