(Chair of the Stewardship Commission at Grace: Dr. James Brookins)

This ministry oversees, evaluates and implements the monthly and annual parish stewardship of Time, Talent, and Treasure. This includes regular education of the congregation regarding the call to take our place in the life of the church (Time, Talent) and to give financially to support the parish budgetary process (Treasure). This commission expresses the vestry‚Äôs fiduciary function to manage the financial support of our parish life. Grace Church practices the minimum standard of the tithe by giving "off the top" 10% of all Sunday offerings to God's work. Please get in touch with me with your comments and suggestions!

Contact information:



Phone: (813)-597-7709


(Chair of the Finance Commission at Grace:Fred Goodrow)

The Finance Committee recommends financial policies and procedures to the Vestry along with the Treasurer and oversees all fiscal matters of the church (including insurance issues). You may get in touch with me at or 850-445-1606.