The Amazing Grace Project

This year, 2017, Grace Episcopal Church is embarking on a journey to create a new future and open up a new history of bringing God's kingdom to our community.

The Story of Grace

Grace Episcopal Church started 20 years ago.

Tampa Palms donated land to us to build a community church. We had a master plan for a large sanctuary, parish hall, and school.  However, until recently, we had not been able to build our sanctuary because of debt. 

Building Project

Three years ago, Grace was blessed to receive $4 million for the corner parcel as part of the Bruce B Downs expansion.

  • We paid off our mortgage and are now debt-free! 
  • We set up a $1 million endowment fund. 
  • We tithed 1/10th to help others in the community through the First Fruits Committee 
  • We re-started youth programs to help build the next generation of believers. 
  • We set up an Architectural Committee to explore land use and building possibilities, including a congregational survey and a feasibility study. Your ideas for the church were inspirational! The study supported these ideas.   

What is God calling us to do with our abundance?

We feel called to:

  • Embrace and complete Grace‚Äôs original vision
  • Create an inviting presence in the community
  • Draw people closer to God
  • Create something  beautiful that fits into the Tampa Palms community


We are committing ourselves to the Amazing Grace Project, and re-dedicating ourselves to:

  • Invest in the Tampa Palms community
  • Share and grow our community of faith
  • Be the incarnational presence of Christ in our community
  • Develop a Master Plan to accomplish this commitment

Bringing the vision to reality - with your support!

To support this project, our building construction goal is to raise $450,000 over three years and to be good stewards of God's blessings. 

We invite you to become a part of making this vision a reality by supporting this effort. Please review the wide-range of donation options and take advantage of this special opportunity. Please note, the donation options document is updated on a weekly basis, however always call Grace Church for an up to date list of furnishings available.

To contribute, please click here to print a Pledge Card and return the form to Grace Church.  Click the button below to donate online. Please note, printed Booklets and Pledge Cards are also available at Grace Church. 

Give to The Amazing Grace Project

Thank you for supporting The Amazing Grace Project, click the button below to contribute via credit card or eCheck. Please also download and print the pledge card and return it to Grace via USPS mail or in person. Note selected items are not final until confirmation received from Grace Episcopal Church.