Grace Church Welcomes You!

We are located in the heart of Tampa Palms, Florida. 
We offer traditional and contemporary worship services, along with warm fellowship and hands-on service
to the community.

Sundays, 8 am: Traditional contemplative worship

(Rite I)

Sundays, 10 am: Contemporary service with wide range of music (Rite II)

4th Sunday of each month, 10 am: Youth service (with Youth band and Children's chorus)

Special Services this Week:

Saturday 1/6/2018 @ 1:00 pm.

Requiem Service for Andrew Bladon

Grace Church Weekly eBlast

Grace has a plethora of activities and groups that keep us connected!  

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Amazing Grace Project

This year, 2017, Grace is embarking on a journey to create a new future and open up a new history of bringing God's kingdom to our community.  Click here  for more information.


The wonderful thing about Grace is that it is both evangelical and sacramental.  We have a mix of traditional hymns and liturgy, along with a lively mix of contemporary and gospel praise and worship music.  People from a broad range of backgrounds feel at home here.

Note - the term "both-and" is very Anglican, going back to the roots of our Christian tradition.  Queen Elizabeth I of England was looking for a middle way ("via media") to accommodate those Christians that wanted the Roman Catholic sacramental worship and the Reformed (Protestant) Christians that placed new emphasis on Scripture and the Holy Eucharist as a memorial meal.  We live in that same tradition of a blend of the two traditions.